What We Do 

We provide jargon free, clear, independent advice.


We develop and implement measurable marketing programmes working with your teams and agencies.

We provide marketing consultancy for larger businesses and provide bespoke marketing consultancy for start ups and small businesses. We also provide Interim Marketing Management services.


Customer  Insight and Customer Data is our starting point. Whether it be qualitative  research , quantitative research , web analytics, transaction data or competitor data we connect the insights together to create a 360 degree customer view.


Understanding the customer, knowing what they want, and how to deliver the product or service profitably, better than the competition is key to allowing an organisation to continue on a path of profitable and sustainable growth.


Knowing who your best customers are, keeping them and finding new ones is an important step in sustainable marketing

  • How We Work 

    We can work end to end on a project from objective setting through to implementation and review or on specific parts of the process such as strategy creation or reviewing  marketing effectiveness

    Every project and client requires a bespoke service and tailored approach.


    We are flexible. We can work independently to provide an objective perspective or alongside existing teams, agencies and suppliers to support them deliver your business and marketing objectives

  • Recent Clients 

    We have helped a wide range of businesses including businesses in 

    • E Commerce

    • Retail 

    • Multi - Channel Retail 

    • Travel

    • Not For Profit

    • Marketing Agencies​ 

    • Telecoms

    • Consumer Goods

    • Logistics 

  • Recent Projects Small Business SME and Start Ups

    1. Communication Strategy and Brand Development plan for a Not for Profit 

    2. Marketing Plan , Brand Positioning and launch marketing plan for a premium consumer goods start up

    3. Website design build and launch

    4. Audit and Review Paid Search Google Advertising 

  • Recent Projects

    Customer Experience 

    RAG (red, amber, green) customer journey review across all channels and devices.


    Identified critical areas in the customer journey  causing poor customer experience


    Guided the improvement programme across Buying, Customer Service and Technology teams


  • Recent Projects CRM Customer Relationship Management

    1. Managed and guided the CRM team as they switched to a new Email Service Provider  (ESP)


    Developed and implemented the CRM plan to deliver ambitious  performance and revenue growth targets. Implemented an improved creative and customer journey path.


    2. Managed the transition away from simple broadcast email to advanced email programmes using greater personalisation, triggers, automation and life-cycle events


    Launched new high performing CRM programmes including basket abandonment and cross sell incorporating live prices, dynamic content in real time

  • Recent Projects Loyalty Marketing 

    1.We designed and launched a new multi-channel smart phone loyalty programme for a shopping centre with 130 luxury retail outlets. We led a cross functional team consisting of CX, Technology, Operations, Retail, Marketing and external suppliers. All key targets were exceed including  new members, usage rates and ROI

    2.We developed the loyalty strategy, loyalty  propositions and in-store test programmes across multiple channels including smart phone applications , card based programmes and strategic partnerships for a well know Convenience Retailer. We Guided a co-creation programme with retail partners (store owners) to ensure buy in and operational readiness. Led data analytics and customer R&D programme to ensure initiatives were measurable and relevant

  • Recent Projects Brand Strategy

    We created a marketing strategy and launch plan for a pioneering premium consumer goods manufacturer, providing critical advice on how to achieve premium product status and set premium prices by developing the appropriate brand strategy


    Working with one of our Market Research partners, we carried out bespoke consumer research which informed Concept and Product development options


Answering Key Questions - helping businesses grow profitably 

It is our experience, quite often some of the simplest questions can be the hardest to answer but the answers can provide clear guidance on both tactical marketing and strategic marketing.

Click on the boxes below to find out more about our marketing consulting services 

Customer Insight Research
How do I understand my customers better than the competition?
Strategy Customer Segmentation
Who are my most valuable customers?
Strategy Customer Acquisition
How do I find and acquire high value customers?
Brand Development
How do I improve BRAND impact and relevancy so my business can grow?
CX Customer Experience
Customer Journey? How and where do I improve the customer experience ?
Customer Research & Insight
What do my customers really think and what should I improve?
Customer Loyalty
How do I keep my best customers spending ?
Marketing Strategy
How do I integrate digital with traditional marketing?
Marketing Audit
Which aspects of my marketing are working ? What should I be doing more of?
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