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Marketing Mentor 

We offer Marketing Mentoring Services for both individuals and teams, for both those who work in marketing and those outside of marketing. The service is informal and flexible. Initially a series of 1 hour telephone sessions.In the case of team mentoring these sessions may be followed up in person if required.

Our Marketing Mentor service is less about marketing techniques and specifics and more about helping to clarify goals and objectives and identify alternative pathways to success.


Unlike our consultancy services, where we aim to provide clear solutions and recommendations , here we help provide clarity on goals and co-explore ways of achieving them. Ultimately the mentoree / mentee will create their own plans and strategies and implement them. We share past successes, draw similarities and differences and provide a framework for reviewing progress.

At the core is helping individuals and teams create customer centric organisations , allowing businesses to be truly focused on the customer , understanding how to profitably find and keep customers.


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