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Marketing Consultancy Our Services

We offer marketing consultancy services from marketing strategy and planning through to implementation.


It is important to get the right balance between strategy, planning and doing. "Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a  nightmare."

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Marketing Strategy and Planning

Marketing Strategy creation and Planning is a critical first step.


Clear objectives and strategies significantly improves the chances of success.

A marketing plan is an essential planning tool for all businesses as it helps define activity in advance , sets targets , allows for the review of performance and helps re-allocate resources as and when required.

Customer  Insight and Customer Data is our starting point. Whether it be qualitative  research , quantitative research , web analytics, transaction data or competitor data we connect the insights together to create a 360 degree customer view.


In addition to creating  marketing strategies and plans we focus on​

  1. Customer Segmentation

  2. Brand Development

  3. Reviewing Marketing Effectiveness

  4. Retail Space Optimisation

Customer Marketing

Customer centricity is hard to achieve in practice even for the most committed businesses. We help clients improve performance through a clearer focus on customers,


Customer Marketing Consultancy services include

  1. CXM Customer Experience Management

  2. Multi - Channel - Managing Consistency  

  3. CRM Customer Relationship Management

  4. Customer Acquisition - getting new customers 

  5. Loyalty Marketing and Customer Retention

  6. Partnership Marketing

  7. Customer Contact Strategy & Implementation

  8. Brand  Experience / Service Delivery,

Digital Marketing

We help clients join up the key elements of their online marketing and help them create greater consistency.

We help clients integrate traditional marketing and digital marketing to create a consistent overall customer experience 


Digital Marketing services include

  1. web design and branding

  2. user experience

  3. customer journey

  4. Paid Search Pay Per Click PPC

  5. Search Engine Optimisation SEO



Core Marketing Consultacy Services

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