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Marketing Consultant Digital Marketing

Digital Online Marketing  can deliver high return on investment ROI and is fast to set up, test, measure, refine and update.


We help clients select the best mix of online marketing and help them integrate this with existing marketing activity.


We believe in creating a consistent brand experience across channels and devices. Our approach is customer insight led, and in particular understanding and defining the customer journey.


We can work with your existing agencies and also partner with specialist agencies to help you improve the effectiveness of your online marketing


Online marketing can sometimes be implemented in silos across multiple specialist agencies or various in-house teams and often resulting in missed opportunities and a confusing customer experience


We help clients join up the key elements of their online marketing and help them improve :

  1. Email marketing

  2. Pay Per Click, Paid for Search Marketing PPC

  3. Search Engine Optimisation SEO

  4. Web design and branding


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the key outbound channels offering significant opportunities to personalise, build engagement with customers and grow sales.


Low cost and readily testable email can be optimised allowing marketers to significantly improve ROI.


Yet our recent research shows there are still significant opportunities to improve email effectiveness.


For example

Only 10% of customers who had opted into receiving emails from companies thought the content  of the emails was relevant consistently (always or often).
Poor relevancy drives low open rates and click through which in turn drives poor in-box deliverability

Open rates of just 20% and below are common. We have seen cases where over an entire year less half of an email list/ customer base had opened any email.

Email Marketing Strategy

We believe Email marketing needs to be developed in the context of the CRM and the multi channel strategy and fully integrated into the marketing mix and consistent with the brand.


Email content and email timing needs to be driven by where a customer is on the path to purchase, the customer journey
their customer life cycle stage their RFM and customer segment

There have been significant improvements in email service provider technology in recent years allowing clients with even modest budgets to achieve automation and personalisation without big systems integrations and large teams.


Implementing advanced email strategies such as automated dynamic content can significantly lower running costs and achieve a double digit % improvement in

open rates, click through rates, sales and ROI

Email Marketing Projects

We help clients:

Maximise email effectiveness

Refine the Email strategy as part of broader CRM and multi channel customer strategy
Review effectiveness of the current Email technology platform and support clients get the most from their current systems


When appropriate help select a new Email Service Provider ESPs and manage the transition from the old to the new system

Manage the transition from simple broadcast email with low customer engagement to advanced email marketing with high customer engagement including

  • customer life cycle automation

  • personalised dynamic content

  • content scoring and recommendation engines mobile optimisation, inbox deliverability, ISP reputation management

  • creative, design and content effectiveness

Paid Search Google Ads 

Pay Per Click (PPC) , Search Engine Marketing (SEM), can deliver the highest return on investment (ROI) and can outperform other forms of marketing.


We take a strategic approach and we believe in clearly defining business goals and objectives. We develop effective campaigns and focus on clear outcomes


We also believe PPC campaigns need to work alongside other online and traditional marketing activity and to be properly integrated into the overall marketing plan and be consistent with the brand.

Paid Search Optimisation 

Some clients discover after a successful start performance reduces this is because campaigns need to be regularly optimised as the competition and potential customers change behaviour . Other clients want an independent and objective review of their current campaigns so they can increase performance. 


Pay Per Click is one of the most measurable forms of marketing as all sales, inquiries or visits can be traced back to individual ads and keywords.


By investing more in higher performing areas and improving or eliminating the poor performing aspects of your campaigns return on investment ROI can be significantly improved


We start with a review of the goals and objectives and how well the current Pay Per Click strategy is performing against those objectives. We look at how efficient the campaign structure is and how key metrics are are performing 


Ads, Landing Pages and Web flow is evaluated for creative effectiveness. Keywords are reviewed and recommendations are made to increase quality and reach. We look at advanced settings such as Ad scheduling, Location,  Languages and Bidding options to remove any inefficiency


We provide a clear set of recommendations which can be either implemented by your company, your PPC agency or by us.As such an important part of PPC strategy is trialling and testing new approaches it normally takes around 3 months before a campaign can be fully optimised

SEO Search Engine Optimisation 

At CIRRUS Marketing Consulting we believe in Sustainable SEO Search Engine Optimisation based on the following  principles.


Searchers want to find exactly what they are looking for with the minimum of effort and enjoy well designed and well structured web sites.
Search Engines want to provide  searchers with highly relevant search results and a good user experience.
Web site owners want targeted traffic.

We don´t believe in tricking Search Engines and Searchers into thinking our clients web sites are relevant when they are not  but we do want to help drive targeted visits to our clients web sites by ensuring their web sites appear as high as possible for all relevant searches.


Our approach is customer insight led. We focus on keyword research and understanding the customer search mindset. We help clients develop effective content and an easy user experience helping them improve keyword usage and content quality. We partner with specialists or in house teams to improve coding and the quality, number and relevancy of in bound links.

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