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Marketing Consultant Customer Experience CXM

We help clients measure , define and improve the customer experience throughout the customer journey and  across channels and devices.


We help clients join up:

  • Customer Experience

  • The Brand Promise (a key element of the Brand Strategy)

  • CRM and

  • Customer Loyalty

We define CX as everything the customer experiences across all touch points in the customer journey from awareness to purchase to post purchase


It includes the product/service performance itself, other elements of the marketing mix and all touch points across all channels and devices as seen by the customer


What is CX Customer Experience

Forrester defines customer experience as how customers perceive their interactions with your company. Executives don’t get to decide how customer-centric their companies are — customers do


Why UX is not CX

The term User Experience UX is normally centred on customers direct interactions with technology and in particular web and app design. We consider UX to be a subset of CX. The scope of customer experience is wide as it covers the entire customer journey both digital and non digital. Even Ecommerce businesses have non digital touch points.


Why CX is not customer service

Again we consider customer service to be a subset of CX. Customer Service is how businesses organise themselves to manage direct customer conversations. Customer Service makes up an important contribution to Customer Experience

Why is CX Customer Experience Important 

Businesses with higher customer experience scores perform better than those that do not as they can retain and acquire customers more cheaply and more easily


The share price of Companies with high customer experience scores outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 3 times over a 6 year period (Forrester 2013)
Good CX performance is strongly correlated to Loyalty and the likelihood to re-purchase , recommend to others, and  reluctance to switch
Forrester showed the revenue impact of Customer Loyalty was $1,131 m in the US hotel sector in 2013 for example
The life time value of Promoters are on average 2.6 times Detractors peaking at 4.6 times in the online retail sector (Bain & Company 2013)

For a true customer centric business CX is one of the most important management processes. There needs to be a CX strategy and dedicated people and resources to deliver it


Forrester’s Customer Experience Index research shows few brands score excellent the majority are mediocre or worse. Between 2019 and 2017 Forrester showed most brands stagnated.  Around 65% achieved an OK score, just 15% a Good score and less than 1% Excellent


Improving The Customer Experience

In the eyes of the consumer not all touch points have equal importance. Small failures in some parts of the customer journey may have bigger impacts than larger failures elsewhere


There is a clear hierarchy of needs and a clear order in which issues should be fixed. Businesses should prioritise the improvement programme based on set criteria


It is also important to consider how The Brand Promise performs across the customer journey and how certain failures may compromise the Brand itself.


We help clients diagnose failure points and prioritise and implement improvement programmes


Customer Experience Multi Channel 

See our Multi-Channel page for more about CX and Multi Channel consistency


Customer Experience Brand Development 

See our Brand Development page for more about CX and the customer promise


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