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Marketing Consultant Customer Relationship Management CRM

We help clients develop and implement CRM strategies and programmes. We have helped clients develop effective CRM strategies , implement CRM driven marketing and get the most from their CRM system.

What is CRM customer relationship management  

CRM Customer Relationship Management Is the process of managing profitability, throughout the customer life cycle. It focuses more on maximising long term value and less on short term sales.



Why is CRM important 

CRM allows an organisation to prioritise customers and in turn maximise the ROI on marketing activity. It is relevant to both small and large organisation. When done well it allows a strategic approach to customer management and communications ensuring greater relevancy and customer engagement


Customer Relationship Management is so much more than a IT system, it is in fact a philosophy and process for placing the customer at the heart of the organisation.


CRM Multi Channel 

Joined up multi-channel marketing is simple in theory but even the most customer orientated organisations face challenges in making it a reality.


We have helped clients:


  1. create CRM driven segmentation

  2. identify the most important segments for growth

  3. critically assess customer service performance by touch point

  4. create a more consistent customer experience by touch point

  5. optimise the customer journey across channels


....growing sales and profit and improving ROI of marketing activity


CRM Automation

The first step is gaining clear customer insight. A thorough understanding of the customer through web analytics, sales analysis , qualitative and quantitative customer research .


This can then be followed by hypotheses and test programme development and testing.


Automation is an essential next step as it drives out cost and increases the speed of communications. CRM automation can be applied to all stages of the customer life-cycle.


We have helped clients progress from one off solus campaigns through to full life cycle automation and have delivered double digit ROI


CRM Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation should be at the heart of the CRM strategy, plan and implementation programme.


We use multi-dimension segmentation including:


  1. RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary Value)

  2. Life stage

  3. Demographics

  4. Attitudinal, and

  5. Behavioural elements ( such as Product Purchasing  and Channel)


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