Interim Marketing Management

CIRRUS Marketing Consulting provide Senior Level Marketing Interim Managers that can :


  • Lead, manage and build marketing teams


  • Manage projects, new initiatives and significant marketing programmes such as
    • Strategy Reviews
    • Performance Evaluation and diagnostics
    • CRM and Loyalty Projects
    • Migration to new service providers eg email, crm system, insight tools
    • Re branding
    • Re-launches
    • Product Development and New Launches
    • Customer Service Initiatives
    • Support during KeyTrading Periods
    • Online/ Digital Marketing initiatives


  • Provide support during the implementation phase of consultancy projects


What is Interim Management ?


Projects typically last between 3 months and 9 months and usually include both a strategy creation and implementation phase. The focus is :


  • ROI return on investment
    • delivering incremental profits both short term and medium term
  • Speed
    • making an impact quickly
  • Objectivity
    • outside of company politics and not aligned to any one third party supplier/agency
  • Effectiveness
    • authority and credibility to effect significant change and add value
  • Flexibility
    • project scope can be reduced or extended at short notice by the client


The Interim Manager Day Rate Calculation


The base salary of a permanent employee plus National Insurance and Benefits (bonus, holiday, car, health care, pension, sick leave etc) is the true cost of a permanent employee to an employer and it is around 50% higher than the base salary for senior positions. This can be the start point for determining a competitive day rate.


The interim day rate can also be estimated by taking 1% of the annual base salary. So a £100,000 base salary permanent position would be equivalent to £1,000 per day on an interim basis.


The final day rate is determined by the track record of the interim manager in delivering value to the organisation.




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