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email marketing consultantEmail marketing is one of the key outbound channels offering significant opportunities to personalise, build engagement with customers and grow sales.


Low cost and readily testable email can be optimised allowing marketers to significantly improve ROI.


Yet our recent research shows there are still significant opportunities to improve email effectiveness . For example

  • Only 10% of customers who had opted into receiving emails from companies thought the content  of the emails was relevant consistently (always or often).
  • Poor relevancy drives low open rates and click through which in turn drives poor in-box deliverability
  • Open rates of just 20% and below are common. We have seen cases where over an entire year less half of an email list/ customer base had opened any emails


Email Marketing Strategy Development


We believe Email marketing needs to be developed in the context of the CRM and the multi channel strategy and fully integrated into the marketing mix and consistent with the brand.


Email content and email timing needs to be driven by

  • where a customer is on the path to purchase, the customer journey
  • their customer life cycle stage
  • their RFM and customer segment


There have been significant improvements in email service provider technology in recent years allowing clients with even modest budgets to achieve automation and personalisation without big systems integrations and large teams.


Implementing advanced email strategies such as automated dynamic content can significantly lower running costs and achieve a double digit % improvement in

  • open rates
  • click through rates
  • sales
  • ROI


CIRRUS Marketing Consulting helps clients maximise email effectiveness

  • Refine the Email strategy as part of broader CRM and multi channel customer strategy
  • Review effectiveness of the current Email technology platform and support clients get the most from their current systems
  • When appropriate help select a new Email Service Provider ESPs and manage the transition from the old to the new system
  • Manage the transition from simple broadcast email with low customer engagement to advanced email marketing with high customer engagement including
    • customer life cycle automation
    • personalised dynamic content
    • content scoring and recommendation engines
    • mobile optimisation
    • inbox deliverability
    • ISP reputation management
    • creative, design and content effectiveness




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