September 2014

 How Personalisation and Relevant Content Improves Profit Performance and the Customer Experience


Posted @ 1700:00 on 02 September 2014


What do we mean by personalisation?

The process of using  customer data to prioritise content and determine how and when it is delivered

Getting the right message , to the right audience through the right channels at the right time is not a new idea.

Most of the jigsaw to make this a reality is now in place with more actionable data and affordable technology than ever before

Customer data is collected across the customer journey and includes web browsing , web search, basket abandonment, purchasing history , preference centre, demographics and communications  response data

Good to know personalisation is a top priority for digital marketing right now


Personalisation : The Evidence

Common sense would suggest it makes sense to provide relevant content and personalised experiences across the customer journey wherever practical and it should improve the customer experience and ROI

There are now plenty of case studies that show a big improvement in performance through increasing personalisation and relevancy

• Advanced personalisation in cart abandonment emails for example was shown to have conversion rates 10 times higher than programs with low personalisation  (Silverpop)

• Personalised promotional emails were clicked on 43% more frequently than non personalised emails (Baynote)

However research has shown there is a significant way to go in the implementation of personalisation and plenty of scope to further improve relevancy

• 70% of brands are failing to implement personalised emails (Baynote)

• 57%of brands believe poor "findability (of relevant content) " is the most serious issue customer have with their websites (Redeye)

• Just 9% of consumers said they always or often received relevant content in emails they signed up for (CIRRUS)

• more than a third of customers agreed they had been sent content in the last 12 months which was not relevant and this gave them a poorer opinion of the brand (CIRRUS)


Practical Steps : The Path to Greater Personalisation


So what are the barriers preventing greater personalisation becoming a reality?


...lack of resources , skills, data management,  legacy systems , knowledge of personalisation technology , silo management , sales culture are some of the more obvious ones


Although a personalised experience across the customer journey should remain the goal it is sensible to start simple and build incremental steps. Going from broadcast to personalised communications can't happen over night


1.Start with the customer journey and identify touch points where personalisation is likely to make a high impact at lower cost


2.Test programmes such as

• re-targeting advertising

• basket abandonment

• promotional email using recommendation engines (often available as a separate modules from Email Service Providers)

• personalised content (eg banners) on the home page


3.Develop a roadmap for the steady introduction of greater personalisation


4.Automate processes wherever possible to keep costs down


5.Measure performance improvements and build the business case for further investment









September 2014 How Personalisation and Relevant Content Improves Profit Performance and the Customer Experience. Case Studies



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