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May 2015

 Customer Engagement Challenge 10 Key Statistics


Posted @ 1700:00 on 20 May 2015

Blog Customer Engagement Challenge 10 key statistics May 2015 infographic IntroductionCustomer Engagement is the quality and level of responsiveness of your target audience to your actions as a business. It can be measured in financial and non financial terms. It is the outcome of Customer Experience CE is defined by Eric Peterson  as an estimate of the degree and depth of visitor interaction against a clearly defined set of goals In the infographic we see 10 potentially alarming statistics that show probably  most businesses have a significant way to go in terms of offering more relevant experiences across the the customer life cycle and across key customer journeys Many marketing departments, rewarded by short term sales performance, continue to  over communicate whilst engagement metrics deteriorate. Customer Engagement BenchmarkingNot knowing whether you have a problem is a problem in itself. Once you have worked out what goals are important the start point for a benchmark might be to take the industry average. Taking Bounce rates as an example (shown below from gorocketfuel) we see they vary widely from 20% to 70%.There is also significant variation by industry sector and device. So averages need to be used wisely bounce rates customer engagement benchmark

Improving Customer Engagement

Some practical steps

  • start with customer journeys and use RFM segmentation to uncover issues
  • objectively asses relevancy of marketing activity (timing, content, channel)
  • define engagement goals anchored around CX, Insight, sales and profitability
  • define metrics, measure, benchmark and set targets
  • Create improvement programmes linked with CX , CRM initiatives. Consider use of lifecycle marketing,  personalisation , recommendation engines, gamification



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